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About Us

Before becoming India’s first hip-hop dance crew, RnG was just an ordinary bunch of extraordinary dancers. Their energy and charisma captured the attention of audiences in Boogie Woogie. Rohan Rokade, the founder, gathered the best dancers from Nallasopara (a suburb of Mumbai) who are now known as “Rohan N Group”. Boogie Woogie proved to be an opening platform for them. This is where RnG was entitled as “India’s first hip-hop dance crew.” They have worked as a team since then.

Rohan Rokade has been a part of the industry since 15 years and has been to US for concerts. During his visit there, he saw street dancers doing hip-hop and b-boying and that’s when he decided to introduce that style of dance in India. With confidence at its peak and flexibility skills, they entertained their way into the homes and hearts of people during India’s Got Talent. Their flawless & impacting performances have been creating a sensation till date, which in turn got them the opportunities to do dozens of stage performances, concerts, reality shows and movies. RnG has motivated many dancers & crews to achieve their unfulfilled dreams by being an inspiration.

RnG is a family of close friends with a common love for dance and the arts. They have a stack of inborn talent for innovative choreography, effortless moves and synchronized dancing. RnG is a group of untrained dancers filled with professionalism and confidence who never fail to impress the audience with their phenomenal performances. They unite the various individual specialties giving birth to an all round breathtaking, mesmerizing and unique act each time which always getting the audiences to a roar asking for an encore. RnG believes in performing for the viewers always and pledges to win their hearts in future.


Competition & Complimentary Performances

Work As A Choreographer : N Shows As A Rohan N Group

RnG Dance School

Courses Available..

Bollywood Batch(For Beginners And Advance Level)

Kid's Batch(4 to 6 Years)

Diploma in Hip-Hop & street dancing

Mom's And Ladies Batchs

Awards & Certificates

events zoom Hip Hop Special
BoogieWoogie Certificate 2007

events zoom Himmat Ki Kimat
BoogieWoogie Certificate 2009

events zoom Fast Forward Special
BoogieWoogie Certificate 2007

events zoom Gang War
BoogieWoogie Certificate 2007

events zoom Best of The Best
BoogieWoogie Certificate 2008

events zoom Aap Ka Surur Concert
Certificate 2006


Contact Us

Rohan Rokade

phone : +919860117374
mail : info@rohanngroup.com